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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrity Ties selling fast!

We are very excited to have our World's First Global Celebrity Tie Auction running on Sella now!  www.sella.co.nz/link/waihi-school
The ties went live on 1 September and are attracting lots of bids already.  Sir Colin Meads shot to the lead with $205, but Donald Trump's tie has quickly overtaken him at $263.  Will someone from the Trump empire be watching?  We hope so....  The challenge is on to see which tie benefits our school the most with the highest bid.
The concept is the idea of Carol King, a parent from Waihi School.  She is very excited to see the auction running, and the boys whose chosen celebrities responded to the challenge are enjoying the auction process.  It will be an exciting 2 weeks as the auctions run their course.
The funds from the sale of the ties will all go to the campaign for a new boarding and dayboys building at Waihi School.  Waihi boys wrote to their favourite celebrities worldwide asking for ties and they received over 50 ties back.  Among the first ties to arrive were Roger Federer's neckscarf and Donald Trump's monogrammed tie.
With the Rugby World Cup being held in New Zealand in 2011, we expect the rugby ties to be sought after.  There is Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Graham Henry, Jonny Wilkinson and 2 from Waihi old boy Robbie Deans.
Don't miss your chance for a bit of fun, or to buy a unique christmas or birthday present for a loved one - get on Sella and have a look.  It is a short process to register to bid on these (and thousands of other online goodies).
Don't miss out, the auctions close from 15-20 September!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Willie Apiata

Here is a very special tie from Willie Apiata, a modern hero.  It is his NZSAS tie, seen being worn by him in the photo on the right.

Wikipedia says the following:
Bill Henry "Willie" Apiata VC (born 28 June 1972 in Mangakino, New Zealand) is a Corporal in the New Zealand Special Air Service and the first recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand. He received the award on 2 July 2007 for bravery under fire during the Afghanistan conflict in 2004, after carrying a gravely wounded comrade across a battlefield, under fire, to safety.
Apiata is the only recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, as opposed to the Victoria Cross previously awarded.[1] There are no living New Zealand recipients of the (Imperial) Victoria Cross, which was last awarded to a New Zealander for actions in the Second World War. Between 1864 and 1943, 21 members of the New Zealand forces were awarded the Victoria Cross including Captain Charles Upham, awarded a bar to the Victoria Cross in 1945 for gallantry in Egypt in 1942.[2]
Apiata has donated all of his medals, including his VC, to New Zealand.[3]
In 2008 he succeeded Sir Edmund Hillary as the "most trusted New Zealander".[4]

Thank you for your tie Mr Apiata, it will be very special to some lucky buyer.

Support our global auction of over 50 celebrity ties on www.sella.co.nz in the Waihi shop page starting 1 September.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We are back for Term 3 excited about selling our Celebrity Ties in September on sella.co.nz.  Our boys made their first video which is on YouTube - please check it out and give us your feedback.

We will be editing more versions, and the more fun and amusing the better.  We want you to help us by giving us your feedback.    The ties we have are unique and special and the auctions will be fun to watch.

Your support matters as the ties are helping our campaign for a new boarding and dayboys facility - Pyne House.

The Rhys Darby tie - worth a lot???!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Country Salmon supports Waihi School

One of the highest salmon farms in the world, High Country Salmon, at Twizel (near Mt Cook) is supporting Waihi School's Centenary project.  Over 100 salmon have been donated to benefit the Centenary Campaign at a value of $25 each for a 2kg salmon.  Orders have come rolling in for the salmon that have been delivered to Waihi School for pick up.
Richard and Margaret Logan started their salmon farm in 2000.  They are based on the main highway just after Twizel, on the left.   Their grandsons, Hamish and Reuben Woods are at Waihi School and their brother Elliott, was dux of the school in 2008.

Their information says the following:
At High Country Salmon we have a working salmon farm, a floating shop where you can purchase smoked or fresh salmon from our farm you can also feed the fish, sit on our picnic tables and watch the native birds that are popular to our area.
We are owner operated and have been in the salmon industry for over 17 years so with our love, passion and knowledge we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality salmon. In our floating shop, which is open all daylight hours, we not only have the freshest whole or fillets of salmon but, also have sashimi available.
We are situated on the main highway between Christchurch and Queenstown so we are the perfect place to stop for a rest, to view our wildlife, taste our salmon or just come feed the fish.

For more information on High Country Salmon you can phone them on 021 400 385

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are Pink Ties cool?

We have received two gorgeous pink ties....if that is what you can call them.  We are not sure if they have been sent to us because they were not wanted or our preferred option, because they are very out there and cool!  Andy Murray's is on the right and David Farrier's is below.David Farrier is TV3's entertainment journalist, most often seen on Nightline, but sometimes allowed out at all times of the day.  The tie arrived with Rhys Darby's, say no more.
This is what TV3's website says about David - in his own words:
"David Farrier here, and I like odd things. That's probably a bit broad, but it's true.
I like odd music, odd films, odd people and odd creatures.
I try to find them and then tell other people about them. That's all I do really.
I'm not sure if this is journalism or not, but it seems to be working out OK so far."
Leave a comment, if you dare - do you like pink ties?  Who will buy this one and dare to wear it?  Someone very cool, no doubt. 

See them on Sella.co.nz in September....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Radiradira Rhys Darby's cool tie!

Look at this one -
Rhys Darby is a star on "Flight of the Concords" and now TV3's "Radiradira"
Very very cool tie.... why take yourself seriously all the time if you have to wear a tie, own this one!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Prime Minister's Tie

The Prime Minister sent Tom Adams his tie.  It is a stunning Kia Kaha clothing tie complete with a box he has signed.
Imagine yourself wearing John Key's tie to a meeting!  Colleagues will ask where it came from for sure. 
The tie alone is special and valuable, and an emblem of New Zealand.  This as an outstanding souvenir for anyone overseas.
Watch here for how to buy this tie online in August.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More rugby legends

Angus Harper helped us get ties from two more of New Zealand's rugby legends:

Laurie Mains has played a big part in developing New Zealand rugby.    'Laurie' Mains was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to rugby in 1998.
The following information is listed on wikipedia -He is a former rugby union footballer and coach who represented New Zealand.   Mains' representative career started when he first played for Otago in 1967. He made his All Blacks d├ębut in 1971, against the British and Irish Lions. His last Test was against Ireland in 1976.
Mains' coaching career started with Otago, whom he coached for eight years. He was appointed All Blacks coach in 1992, and coached them to the 1995 Rugby World Cup final; where they lost to South Africa.
Laurie's tie is an All Black Tour Tied from 1993, with NZRFU and silver fern logos on it.

John Leslie is another international player who enjoys putting something back into rugby.
He played professional rugby in New Zealand for the Highlanders and in the UK where he was captain for Scotland 1998-2002.  He now lives in Dunedin where he runs clinics for the most important players - our children and has a merchandising and coaching website  www.leslierugby.co.nz with his father Andy.
This tie was presented to John Leslie for his 1st match played for Scotland.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travis Pastrana's tie makes it to Waihi School

Kelvin Brown wrote to Travis Pastrana 3 times before he secured his dream tie.  The Nitro Circus Producer and Presenter is special to nearly every boy at Waihi School.

Wikipedia says this about the extreme sports legend:
Travis Alan Pastrana (Born October 8, 1983, in Annapolis, Maryland, USA) is a motorsports competitor and stunt performer who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing.
One of his most radical stunts was jumping out of a plane without a parachute and attaching himself to another jumper with a parachute midair for a safe landing.  He has also been involved in surfing.

Before you get excited and want to be like him, just look at the price he pays - Injuries have often taken Travis Pastrana off the circuit for weeks or months at a time. His medical records include: the dislocated spine, in his left knee he’s torn his ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL, his bucket handle meniscus, broken his tibia and fibula, he’s had surgery on his left wrist twice, left thumb once, two surgeries on his back, one on his right elbow, nine on his left knee, six on the right knee and one shoulder surgery - OUCH!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Victory against Medbury School

Waihi School won the interschool fixture against Medbury School on Wednesday 19 May.
the scores were:
1stXV Rugby 21-15
2nd XV Rugby 21-7
1st XI Hockey 17-0
Soccer 0-6
The 1st XV played a strong game dominating the Medbury forward pack and the backs shutting down their running game. Both teams scored three tries and the difference was the goal kicking of Braden Scott, three conversions, that carried the day for Waihi 21 – 7.
Our 2nd XV have yet to lose a game this season and are performing well, coached by Miss Maxwell.
Waihi boys continue to be outstanding performers on the hockey field.

Right: Grant Hamilton having team talk with his team.

Our Soccer team were a challenge to Medbury's very strong team and never backed down throughout the game.  Our team is improving every year and has some strong players from other codes this year.  Tom Adams, left, and Head boy, Lawrence Darling, are shown in the middle. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steve Williams - another Waihi hero!

This week we received Steve Williams tie.  Shaun Coles' mother helped him get the tie for us.
Wikipedia says Steve is a New Zealander who has been caddy to several top professional golfers.
Since 1999, he has been the regular caddy for Tiger Woods who has been the top ranked golfer in the world for much of Williams' tenure as caddy.  He was famously fired by Greg Norman, who remains a friend, and later tried to re-hire him.
He is know for his generosity, and we appreciate the effort he went to sending his his lovely signed tie.  Fancy yourself wearing this one?!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ken Catran visits Waihi School

 Waihi boys were excited to have author, Ken Catran visit our school on Friday 30 April.  He spoke of his interesting life of writing.  Before he left he signed a tie to help our Centenary Campaign for Pyne House, a new boarding and dayboys facility.

The New Zealand Book Council says this about Ken Catran:
Catran, Ken (1944 –) is a children's writer and scriptwriter who has written for some of New Zealand's best-loved television series including ‘Close to Home’ and ‘Shortland Street’.

His novel Voyage with Jason (2000) won Best in Senior Fiction and was named Book of the Year at the 2001 New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. A second novel, Talking to Blue (2000) was also shortlisted in the same category.

In 2007, Catran received the Margaret Mahy Medal and Lecture Award for distinguished contribution to children's literature. In the same year, he was the Writer in Residence at Waikato University.    ‘Ken Catran writes well,’ writes Jo Noble in Well Read. ‘Hes compelling, he puts the reader right there sharing all the horror, the fear and the hopelessness with his characters.’

Ken's advice to budding writers was to never end a story with "and then I woke up"!  He has judged many writing competitions and he has seen this device used too many times.

Friday, April 30, 2010

6H Newsletter

Dear Parents

We had an ANZAC day service last Sunday. Matthew Hitching's father came to talk to us about war. He was in his Army uniform. The best part was the anti tank gun firing after the service. It was loud.

In class we have been learning about Kiwis at War. We learned about Charles Upham and how he got two Victoria Crosses. He went to Waihi School.

We are writing News reports in class. They are on Road Accidents and crashes. In Word Study we have been learning about Gender. I found out that a Sultan's wife is called a Sultana. It's strange because that's a type of food!

Our next topic is going to be on Spiders. I like spiders.

Have a good weekend
Angus (Gus) Harper

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sir Tim Wallis Flys Again!

We are delighted to receive 2 ties from our Waihi School Foundation Patron, Sir Tim Wallis. 

The blue tie is a special Spitfire Mark XVI tie which has been worn at airshows and aeronautical occasions by Sir Tim. 

The brown tie is a New Zealand Deer Association tie and worn to many conferences and meetings in the deer industry which Sir Tim pioneered in New Zealand.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Skateboarders Rule

One of the special ties we received was from Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder.  Wikipedia says Hawk began skateboarding at age eight after his older brother bought him a used skateboard and his father constructed a ramp in their backyard. 
At the age of 11, he won his first contest. He turned pro by the age of 14.   
On July 27, 1999, Hawk was the first skater to land a 900 in competition. He successfully landed the trick, which involves completing two-and-a-half revolutions, on the twelfth attempt. After completing the trick, he commented, "This is the best day of my life." During X Games 2001, he again successfully performed the trick.

Boom Boom Huck JamIn 2002, Tony Hawk started the Jam, which is a small event featuring competitions in many sports such as motorcross, skateboarding, and BMX with a show. 

 He has appeared in numerous television shows and films

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Michael Houston tie

Left:  Michael Houston's subtle initials on his tie.
Michael Houstoun (20 October 1952 —) is a concert pianist from New Zealand.
Born and educated in Timaru he won every New Zealand piano competition and award as a teenager, he then travelled and entered major international competitions with great success.   Houstoun returned to live in New Zealand in 1981 and regularly plays with New Zealand's professional music ensembles as well as solo recitals and recording.
In 1999, Houstoun received an honorary doctorate in literature from Massey University.
Right:  The Michael Houston tie is a beautiful musical piece!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our NZ Media Celebs Ties

Tamati Coffey signs a tie when he was at Caroline Bay.  See on the right Henry Rolleston, Hamish and Reuben Woods, Alex Wilson and Luke Elsen. 

John Campbell sent us his tie but it is not signed.  Please sign it on air for us John or come and see our boys with your news crew!  

His certificate says "I wore this tie on air - quite a few times!  I always felt amazingly handsome in it - and I am sure that had I been single and gone out on the town it it, it would certainly have pulled dozens of chicks!!! Thanks for supporting Waihi School.  Lots of love John xxxx"

Paul Holmes got his signing write - right across the front!  What a special tie!  Wouldn't you love to be seen in this one, great conversation starter!

His certificate of Authenticity says "I wore it once"

Matt Watson sent a great package.  His signed photo says "Waihi Boys - Fishing Rocks!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cody Callaghan was delighted to receive the special message with the personally monogrammed and autographed tie from Donald Trump.  We were impressed he took the time and trouble to send it.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness Mr Trump.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rowing Ties

Nathan Twaddles New Zealand team uniform tie from his first ever selection for New Zealand.  Nathan won bronze at the Beijing Olympics with George Bridgewater.    They were World Champions in 2005, and silver medallists in 2006 & 2007.
Right: Eric Murray's tie "Tie was worn as part of Inaugural 'Great Race' for Waikato University 2002"Eric is double World Champion rower.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Class Newsletter

Dear Parents

We had a great camp at Living springs. I liked the bunkrooms and how we shared them with other people. I also liked the Initiatives, activities where we all had to work together. I liked the food too. There were really cool shipwrecks when we went to Quail Island.

On behalf of 6H I would like to thank the parents for coming on Camp and helping us.

In class in word Study we are looking at synonyms and antonyms. We are finishing off our door stories and making the cardboard doors for our stories to go in.

We have been learning about Landforms and Waterforms after Camp. Next week Mr Hill tells me we will be looking at Homonyms and Report writing.

Have a great weekend
Brad Cvitanich

The photo is me winning the Junior Cup at Swimming Sports!